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Natural Stone Tiles... Installed in 7-10 days

What is Granite?
Granite is a natural, hard stone composed mostly of quartz and second only to diamond in its hardness as a stone. It is found in nature, then cut and polished. Granite offers a very unique look, texture and hardness, which makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Why would I choose granite for my kitchen or bathroom countertop?
Granite is extremely durable which makes it ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops, islands, bar tops, even tables and cutting boards. Granite makes your kitchen look professional and your bathroom luxurious. It is stain resistant, waterproof and scratch proof. It is easy to maintain and clean too.

How do I choose granite for my countertop?
Granite comes in many colours and textures, as you can see in our online gallery. We suggest you visit our showroom in Kitchener and choose the slab of granite that you want your countertop to be made out of. We then cut and finish the slab to your specifications and measures, transport it to your location and have it installed.

How to I maintain my countertop?
Granite countertops are extremely durable and easy to maintain. Clean them with warm, soapy water and apply sealant every few years and it will last you a lifetime.

You also offer marble in your showroom? What is the difference between the two?
Both are natural stones, but very different. Marble, as well as limestone and travertine, starts as a sediment of shells, plant matter and animal skeletons typically at the bottom of bodies of water which over time solidify into stone. Granite, on the other hand, is formed deep in the earth's core at extremely high temperatures and is very hard stone made of crystallized minerals.

Please take a look at different sample colours and granite slabs and edges and give us a call if you have any questions.